Mobile Consultant - iOS, Android, SDK's, React Native

With over 10 years of experience leading SW teams and projects at companies such as IBM, Minute Media, Outbrain, Mobilize and many more, I enjoy helping tech companies (big and small) to design, plan and develop their Mobile products from idea to market.






The #1 Football app on the Apple / Play Store. At 90min I led the development for both iOS and Android apps with support for iPad and tablets as well.


Gong has built a tool that uses natural language processing and machine learning to help train and suggest information to sales people and other customer service reps, has raised $20 million in funding.



The SDK (Android, iOS) is responsible for fetching and showing relevant and time-sensitive content recommendations. Top publishers use the SDK in their mobile apps, including: CNN, Sky, ESPN, Fox News and many more.


From Clients


"Oded is uniquely talented. We hired him to help us lay the foundations of our mobile product. Eventually Oded stayed until we launched our product, bringing his vast experience, being extremely professional while keeping high energy and great vibes."

Arthur Vainer - Founder & CTO at Mobilize

"Oded is a Hero! A unique combination of a great person to work with, a real professional in mobile, fully committed and engaged with the projects and deliver awesome outcome. It is a pleasure working with Oded."

Yuval Ben-Itzhak - CEO at Socialbakers

"Oded is a very skilled professional, fast learner, sharp developer and a very cool guy! He handled a complex project in a tight timeline with excellent results, improved the project architecture and provided good advice from his knowledge and experience. 
I highly recommend Oded for any mobile development project. When you want to get something done - he is your guy."

Amit Erental - Senior Product Manager at Outbrain

“Oded is a great programmer, really knows his stuff. But beyond that, he’s a great service provider: super responsible and attentive, always quick to respond. 
Working with him was fun, and we're very happy with the outcome.”

Asaf Liberman - CTO at Lifegraph

"Oded is a very sharp, professional, and creative developer. Oded helped us to developed our very complex system under a very tight-timeline, and helped us to sharpen our product and to improve its user experience and usability without compromising the solution."

Almog Baku - Co-Founder & CTO at Rimoto

"Oded is a great partner to work with! Professional, smart, talented and communicative. Oded helped us to develop our first mobile integration product and deliver it under very tight timelines."

Ariel Sirota - VP Engineering at PerimeterX

"Oded came to us as an iPhone expert and soon established himself as a key player. Oded has contributed to many of the product features but also proved himself as the go-to person for technical issues. Good natured as he is, Oded soon become part of the social fabric of the company."

Yaron Goldberg - Founder & VP R&D at Insert




Committed to Quality

When I start working with a new client, the first thing I do is try to learn about their business and product. What are the main features? Who is going to use what I'm about to build? Which features are important for the first release and what can be part of future versions? We prepare the product spec design (or edit an existing one) and now we can move to the next phase.


Set the plan

Now that we have a product design, we can go ahead and start to break it into programming tasks, with each task assigned a time estimation, eventually providing a high level time estimation for the whole project.


Loads of Experience

With more than 10 years of experience coding in almost every conceivable language, I use the planning and start working it task by task. I put a lot of emphasis in high-quality code. My goal is to make sure my code is not only functional, but also maintainable for long-term use. I want other programmers to easily understand my code and to easily make changes and additions when needed.


Automate Everything

A high quality SW project must have loads of unit-testing in place to make sure the code is working as expected when programmers making changes to the code. CI (continuous integration) puts an automated system in place that can test, build and deploy daily (or after each push) your project. This enables you to build and/or deploy a new version in just one click, from every computer.


Improving the skills of your team

One of the things I really love in my work is to help my clients hire (or utilize existing) young and talented engineers. I prepare a training program for them so that in about 1-2 months they are ready to take on a meaningful role in the developing team. I mentor the junior engineers every day I'm at the office and make sure to do code review and give feedback so they can improve their skills every single day at work.




Proficiency in Objective-C and Swift. I wrote my first iPhone app in 2011 (on iOS 3) and have developed apps and SDKs with Xcode ever since.


With over 5 years developing Android apps and SDK's, Java and Android Studio are 2 of my closest friends :)


The most exciting Mobile technology out there. I worked on a React Native app in one of my consulting projects and I had so much fun doing it that I decided to build another app of my own.


Although my expertise is with Mobile technologies, I also have experience writing back-end code, including: Ruby on Rails, Node.js and Python.


I've worked a lot with SQL DB, and also in the last 3 years have experience with Mongo DB (I use it a lot on my side-projects). I'm also excited about Redis (even though it's not a DB per se).


The benefits of using a robust continuous integration system, with high coverage unit-testing and a deployment mechanism in place - is huge!!! I always advise my clients to take the time to set a CI system in place, it's the best ROI ever.

״The only way to become wealthy and stay wealthy is to find a way to do more for others than anyone else is doing in an area that people really value. If you become a blessing in other people’s lives, you too will be blessed.״

Tony Robbins



Herzeliya, Israel